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‘We help Veterinarians do business – as they help the world’

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‘Speaking to Emma about my career goal of wanting to work internationally in the area of transboundary animal diseases helped me gain a lot of clarity and further strengthened my motivation to continue to pursue my dreams. Emma knows how to make you comfortable to the point where you feel free enough to let her guide you to your dreams. I felt like I was talking to a friend I had always known!’

‘I am about to finish my career coaching with Emma and I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s been life changing. She has allowed me to explore my wants and needs in life and my career to help me navigate a major career change. Emma has challenged and supported me through some tough decisions and realisations and I will always be grateful for that.’

‘This is a unique online resource, as far as I am aware, linking vets who work outside the traditional private practice clinical fields with job opportunities and career advice. Non-clinical veterinary work covers a wide area – government policy work, biosecurity, trade, public health and epidemiology, academia, herd health and disease control, animal medicines, and so on – and the veterinarycareers website and Facebook pages fill a large gap by providing this valuable interface.’

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Rabiesendshere – World Rabies Day 2020! 28th September 2020, is a career hub for veterinarians that specialises in roles outside of traditional veterinary practice. We promote career diversity and the role of the veterinarian in society in addressing issues of animal welfare, zoonotic and emerging disease, biosecurity, food safety and food security.

I coach Veterinarians to create fabulous, profitable careers that make the world a better place!

The vets I have coached have stepped up in many ways – buying businesses, increasing business profit, getting their business started and earning, successfully negotiating significant pay rises, going for and getting their dream jobs, moving towns, states and even countries to fully love their career as they sit in the driver’s seat to their own success!

About Us

Global Veterinary Solutions Pty Ltd – We help Veterinarians do business as they help the world.

Founded by Emma Davis, Guyan Weerasinghe and the late Michele Cotton,  Global Veterinary Solutions Pty Ltd brings a wealth of experience across the veterinary profession and the veterinary public practice that influences world public health, trade, domestic biosecurity, animal welfare and food safety. Launched in 2015, has a global audience of over 17000 veterinarians and industry representatives across multiple platforms.

We promote the role of the veterinarian in society, addressing current global issues including zoonotic disease, biosecurity, food safety, food security and animal welfare. We understand and provide a unique veterinary insight into global issues like workplace biosecurity, climate change, trade, population growth and emerging diseases.

We provide business support to improve veterinary businesses, develop systems, build teams, improve sales and increase the bottom line.

We provide executive coaching services to assist veterinarians to take the next steps in their career and uplevel their results and personal success. We are getting great results in veterinary leadership, transitioning veterinarians into industry, management and government veterinary roles.

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